Master Key Lock System

Even the simplest design of a master key lock system in Burnaby might cover the complex requirements of buildings. But you need to find the exact design to suit your needs and be sure the locks are keyed properly. Since planning and applying master keying systems are both important steps to your building’s security and your own convenience, ask our help. At Locksmith Burnaby, we are very experienced with such lock products and can help you with any design you choose.Master Key Lock System Burnaby

No matter which master key system you want, let us help

In order to select the right apt building master key system or a design for your office, you need to take several factors into consideration. The number of departments found in an office building or master keys needed in an apartment complex will influence your decision. The good news is that there is no ending to the combinations you can make.

  • One only grand master key for all doors and several master keys for a number of doors.
  • One master key to unlock all the doors.
  • A few master keys to unlock a few or all building doors.

These are simple examples of designs whether you seek a residential or office master key system. In any case, our company can help.

We are masters in master keying & rekeying

A Burnaby locksmith will implement the master key lock system you choose in a professional way. Not only do the pros arrive on time but are equipped to provide keying service with accuracy. It’s important that all change keys are cut with precision to work with all doors and master keys are cut to open the pre-specified doors. With their vans fully equipped and years of hands-on experience, the tech complete the service to your absolute satisfaction.

We are also here to take care of problems related to the existing Burnaby master key lock system. If one of the keys is misplaced or broken, give us a call. With expertise in rekeying, extracting broken keys, changing keys, and offering all needed lock and key services, the techs can handle any problem with great effectiveness and promptly. Call us now whether you are interested in a new system, wish to expand the current one, or need repair service in Burnaby, British Columbia.